M- If you could put a band together, who would those people be and why?

If you could put a band together of your favorite vocalist,drummer,guitarists,and bassist, who would those people be and why?

Oh wow. This was a tricky one. I mean… If I’d pick all my favorites… Let’s begin at Mark Slaughter on vocals, because as most of you people knows, he is my absolute favorite as far as singing goes. His voice… It’s amazing. I don’t even know what to write. As for the drummer, I’ll have to go with a bandmate of Mark, someone who’s been my favorite drummer for a very long time, Blas Elias. He’s a decent drummer who get’s by without being a one-trick pony like some other drummers that may be just fast, and not have a lot of other to bring to it.

As far as stringbending goes, I’ll start with my very first guitar hero straight out of Norway, Trond Holter. He was the first guitarist I was ever impressed by, and still to this day I adore him like he was God. Accompanying him on the guitar, I’ll have to put Jim Root from straight from Iowa and the opposite genre of Trond. The way he plucks and improvises with the guitars… you are never bored when you listen to him. And imagine that – Trond delivering the solid part and hearing Jim improvise over that. Ohhh.

As far as bass duties goes, I’m gonna stick with my finnish hellbull OX. I’m not too big on bassplayers, but I’ve always adored OX’s attitude and he’s pretty good at what he’s doing. And since I like keyboards in bands, I want to throw in Hella as well. She’s one hell of a show woman, and she’s that extra thing the band would need to get on a really good show.

So, there you have it. These are the musicians I’d put together, if I’d pull together all my favorites. However, as some of you may know, I’ve never been a big fan of supergroups, so… these are all my favorite put together, but if I’d put together a perfect band, the line up would be Mr Lordi, OX, Amen, Hella and Mana.

Supergroups in all it’s glory, but nothing beats that perfect bandsetting that just makes the chemistry, energy and outcome perfect.

// Sara


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