Monsters Ball

So, first of all, this has been a hectic day, starting out early with trying to find some sort of thing I can practice on, and wound up with my Guitar Hero set. Seriously, the only bad ways are the non existing ways. So we went off to rehearsals and… we’re just gonna practice a bit more before we start kidding ourselves.

After this it was right off to the stable for a dressage lesson on the best horse in this entire world, Donna. Went ok. It frustrates me that she loses focus so easily, and I don’t know how to maintain her focus. Bah. It’ll be something to work on.

But you know what, forget everything about non focusing Donna and bad rehearsals, guess what finally arrived today?

This little beauty:


A couple of days delayed, but it did still arrive a lot sooner than I expected it to come! I’ll tell you tomorrow what I thought about the album, I’ve just finished another work application and since I’ve been up and running since 9 this morning I’m very, very read, to hit bed.

Talk to you later, people.

// Sara

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