So, like I said yesterday. Today we planned to go see Jennie and play some games.

We started off the evening with a smaller barbecue at her mothers place, and later going inside to play som games. First hour were spent watching Jennie play Katherine again, seriously, what is that game!? Bites me, you know. Fucking hell. We all just sat there and were like GO THAT WAY THAT WAY WHAT THE HECK.

After a while, we started playing on our own. For difference sake, I actually played Rock Tour today instead of The Sims and so did Antoine. God. I do love Rock Tour, but it’s so fucking slow at times you know. So fucking slow at practicing their skills and writing good songs… kills me you know.

I tried to install Rock Manager, but my computer is too new. I guess that is what I get from buying old games at thrift stores, huh?


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