Finest Hour

So, like I said, today was Boda Borg day so around 9 in the morning we got in the car and hit off to Karlskoga for a day, a bit shorter, but still a day of questing.

We started out the whole day with FAME, before going upstairs to be done with “Rock It”, and from there, we just went all over the place.

Since last time we were there, they have opened a few new quests such as Rebus, MasterMind and Gold, Silver, Bronze. We managed to conquer Rebus, Mastermind and Bronze, but due to dysfunction on Bronze, we never made it to Gold. We did Silver once, but failed at first attempt and never made it back.

Other quests we didn’t finish was The Castle, although, this time we managed to get through half of the last room. So with other words, next time we will own it so hard. All Hand on Deck we never did either, but this was lack of time. We got access to the quests (meaning, no queues) only like ten minutes before they close and we had forgotten for a moment what you did in the last room. Shit happens.

And Time Hunt. Which pissed us off so much, because we didn’t do anything wrong, it just kep giving us red lights when we just proceeded with what we were supposed to do. Oh well.

For being three hour shorter than usual, I’m still glad we managed to do as many quests as we did, especially given we had a lot of completely new quests to finish, which always takes longer time since you have to figure them out.


// Sara

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