My Fortress

Seriously, I’m in this really weird Triosphere period right now. I can barely listen to anything but Triosphere. I went through the catalouge I had by Kittie, and The Lounge Kittens but I still found myself going back to Triosphere. It inspires me to no end, and I don’t even know why.

I guess we can all say “The Heart of the Matter” grows on me for everyday, even more than I already liked it. I think it’s something with Ida’s vocals. It’s like… it’s powerful, yet sweet. She goes full on in certain songs, but have no issue taking on the high notes when needed and fitting. Fucking love it.

Aside my new obsession with Triosphere, the day has been fairly slow. The fever is still going strong with me, and I really wish it would just be gone. Like, now. So I could do stuff.

// Sara

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