Waiting For Your Love

Today is a happy day people! Not one, but TWO packages landed in my mailbox today! What could it, what could it be… hey, could it possibly be my Amazon orders?!

Hell yeah it was!


Ordered these two goodies off Amazon, as it seemed to be impossible to get them elsewhere. First of all, it’s Butcher Babies‘ first EP “Uncovered“. Five song EP that amongst other songs has their cover of “They’re Coming To Take Me Away” on it. Five songs is in my opinions way to short, and I admit it, I put the EP on repeat a few times after I got it! It’s just so fucking good. BUTCHER BABIES is just so fucking good. I wish Graspop would come sooner.

The other album is Olly Murs‘ selftitled debut album. This one has had me in a pickles for a couple of years, seeing I couldn’t get it anywhere in Sweden so eBay or Amazon it was. And I actually ordered this about two years back, but it got lost in the mail. Amazingly enough, it took me all up to now to get a new one. At last at last! This is the album that includes “Please Don’t Let Me Go” and “Thinking of Me”, if you all remember that. I must admit, these are awesome, but my personal favorites on this album will most likely always be “Don’t Say Goodbye” and “A Million More Years”. I got quite the “Hand on Heart” feeling from them, and as you know.. “Hand on Heart” is just simply the best Olly Murs song.

So yeah.

You could say my day was pretty great, huh?

// Sara

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