Single Ladies

So we woke up very late. As usual. I’m not even surprised anymore, you know? That we can’t get our shit together in time. So, after a bit of “bleh” we finally got up, got out and cleared out the entire storage, so my mum finally can put in the new floor, and once it’s done we can turn it into a… well, where we build things.

On our way home, we had quite a few interesting encounters. First of all, we got a craving for soda, and just as we thought of turning around, we saw signs for a store, and we just yelled STORE! STORE! STORE! So we took a little ride through Sunnemo to grab coke and ice cream before continuing home.

And the next thing we know, we meet 14. __14__ Military vehicles.  14! And longer down the road we saw some soldiers armed with guns. Needless to say, we got scared as hell.

Isn’t it fun, how here in Sweden we flinch a bit when we see a gun, when in America like everyone has one?

// Sara

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