Hold My Hand

One month from now I’ll be at Sweden Rock Festival. I’ll be at the worlds best place, with like-minded people, days filled of metal shopping, the finest fast food, sun (hopefully) and most importantly, a lot, A LOT of fantastic music from stages all over.

I can’t wait to get back there. Seriously, time is moving SO SLOWLY right now, because of this. God. I can’t wait to get back. I’ve already started to put together my playlist. Thursday and Friday are pretty much full by now, so I really only need spots to fill for Saturday, unless I do my mandatory CD shopping that day.

Because that’s what I love most about Sweden Rock, aside all the amazing bands. All, ALL the little tents with recordshops in them. I usually try to save a lot of money for shopping, and not to get drinks or necklaces or stuff (even though that’s nice too) but to get CD’s and albums. I prefer buying things in real life, and even better so with these stores, since they usually have the things you don’t find anywhere else.

I think I might have to write down my list of CDs-To-Buy before I go down, so I know what to focus on getting. Not that I actually ever get what I plan to get. I’ll probably end up going home with the Heroes special edition (if they have it) H.E.A.T’s live CD and a few bands I never heard of.

That’s also a thing I do. At least ONE of the CD’s I bring home from the festival has to be with a band that is completely unknown to me. Russian Roulette if you want, but I like it. Who knows what band it will be this time?

// Sara

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