She’s a Demon

We woke up as late as possible after last nights endeavors, packed our stuff and said good bye to this majestic hotel and got out on the streets. We had planned to do some very last minute touristing, so we strolled down the bay of Brighton again, checking out the Pier and all things surrounding it. Stopped by a gift shop and then we headed downtown.


We had set our eyes to go visit the Dome, where ABBA won Eurovision 41 years ago. While doing so, we passed a lot of beautiful landscape and buildings. I’m just gonna post some photos here and let you guys enjoy the view.

DSC01522DSC01516DSC01530DSC01537 DSC01538

After a good rest in this beautiful park we headed over to the bus that would take us to the airport. Once at the airport, we checked in real quickly so we could go and have that amazing soup they serve at Heathrow.

And then we stopped.

It turns out, they change their menu here and there. The soup, the fantastic mushroom soup we had last time, wasn’t available. So, we did a blind pic on a vegetarian soup, and damn… WAS IT DELICIOUS?! Damn, it was ALMOST better than the mushroom one! I’m so glad we took it.

Time of departure got closer and closer, so we headed over to our gate. Only to see that our plane is delayed.

AGAIN?! Really? This time it started out only as 15 minutes or so, so we were happy. We boarded the plane, and went home… and when we landed… we turned on our phones… and saw that the time was 22.

We were supposed to arrive at 21.20, so we had booked buses at 21.50 (it was the last bus that went) because, hey, SAS won’t let us down right?

Apparently they did. What the hell were we supposed to do now?! I was a bit surprised they didn’t announce this over the speakers, but what do you do. I called my mother, and asked her to look around for buses, and she managed to find one who went to Örebro – at least it’s a lot closer home than her coming to pick us up by car and cheaper than staying in a hotel for the night.

After a good evening meal and some waiting, we could finally get on the bus, where we sat down and sighed and relaxed. At last, we were on our way home.

This trip has been nothing but troubles for us. Delays, delays, delays, illnesses… Oh my god. The list can be made long.

But it was worth every struggle. Thanks to everyone involved – Lordi, Hollywood Groupies, Dirty Passion, Nathan, Michelle, Crew, everyone – I love you from the bottom of my heart.

// Sara

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