Look what the cat dragged in

“I went to bed too late and got up too soon”

Usually I use the title of the song I’m currently listening to, but I felt like this title was even more fitting, because it was precisely what it was. We went to bed about what, 3 am or so and went up at 4 to get to the airport for an early plane. Of course, as disorganized as we ALWAYS are, we hadn’t finished properly before and had to do everything in a rush before running out in the Madrid night.

So, basically, we were gonna take the bus from Plaza de Cibéles, and once we got there… there like one million different busstations, of course, like any other busterminal… and it took us almost half an hour and some dear help from a few drivers until we found where the airport transfer went from. Got on the bus, almost fell asleep and then went onto the airport to orient ourselves. THAT, on the other hand, surprisingly, was a lot easier than Cibéles. Once checked in, we sat down and had probably one of the most expensive breakfasts ever (tourlife…) before boarding the plane.

The first that happens, is of course that Michelle passes out. Hahah. Hahahahaha. And she asked me to watch out for the solar eclipse, which I did. Didn’t see shit though. What was I supposed to see? I always thought, since we were gonna be so close to the sun above all the clouds, maybe we would see something… but nope. Nothing. Oh well.

The plane landed and we got off, collected our luggage and continued to take the bus. We figured, since we weren’t in a hurry, we could take the bus to save a few bucks. Yeah. We saved 5 NOK. And what else? Motion illness. So, it’s no secret that I get motion sick REAL EASY. Like, even on public transit at home I get ill. But this was ridiculous, this was the first time in maybe 14 years that I’ve actually vomited. Gladly, this happened right before we arrived at Gallerian, but you know. Not so fun. This caused us to pass out for a while inside Sentralstasjon gaining back some consciousness before heading over to our hotel.

So, we lived really far away. And in apartment, and much to our surprise, we were going to share the apartment with 4 other companies. This was.. interesting. At first we got pissed, but then when we met the first couple, an old couple from Czech Repulic, we got pretty calmed down. We need to stop hate on people before we meet them. I always do this, hate on everyone before I start talk to them.

Once we got into the hotel, we crashed. We opened up our suitcases and let them explode, and then died on the bed. Called Paula on Skype to talk to her for hours, sleeping, bought some food before we passed out at 21. And slept until 9 the following morning.

Tired much?

// Sara


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