This day started off fairly slow, because of work last night “I went to bed too late and got up to soon” since I’m working in the stables tomorrow for the first time in forever, in a pathetic attempt to get the hour-cycle back to normal. I had no hopes, but we’ll see.

However, to have SOMETHING exciting to write about, I had dinner over at Emelie’s. We went to the store to pick up ingredients and then we made our own pizza. Half of it was a paprica/tomatosauce/mozzarella pizza (hers) and mine was paprica/tomatosauce/mushrooms and shrimps. Tasty as fuck, I might add.

The evening was cool. Lots of talking, laughing, catching up and good food and candy. And of course loudly singing my interpretation of the “This is the tale of Kanye West” song. And I don’t think I have ever used the “You got this Travis!” quote as many times as tonight. Oh well.

Fun night is fun, with chance of exaggeration (no you can’t, not with Emelie) and it has to be done soon again. But now, sleep, stable, casino.


// Sara

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