Until The End

So today was the big day, haha. Like, it’s so fun in a way. I had prepared myself with Butcher Babies album for company (figured it’d be brutal enough to cut out the sound, yet melodic enough to keep my brain occupied) and really tried to prepare myself, and I still freaked out in the chair and kicked around. Of course, a lot of this has to do with my fear of needles. I didn’t really FEEL that much when she injected everything, but you know, just the mere knowledge of the needle, knowing there is this thin, sharp metallic item piercing through your skin, piercing into places it shouldn’t be… it send shivers down my spine and I can’t even breathe when this happens. Tears were falling even thought I didn’t feel said. Panic attack? Maybe, maybe not.

And then, when she was gonna pull out the thing, I only came through half of “Denial” before she said she was done, before the procedure was over. What the hell. So undramatic. My vivid fantast gets in my way sometimes… Either way, this dentist was a doll and she was taking SO good care of me. Kudos to her and her patience.

However, I’m not sure if it’s after effects from the emotional event this morning or if it’s the antibiotics, but I’m still sick. Very sick. It feels worse than it has this past week, which is bad. Really bad. So I only really spent the day in bed watching some DVD’s. Started off with “Antennas To Hell” and later on I was up to watch the Goat documentary… And I shit you now.

So it opens up with this goat thing, right? So I watched that. And watched. And watched. And then I noticed how it started to start over, and over, and over. So we thought, maybe the CD doesn’t work in the DVD. So we tried it in a small transportable DVD. There, you could press skip, but I thought, maybe I could do it in the computer. Didn’t work in the computer, so I settled to watch in on the small DVD. And I pressed forward and forwarded pass all the music videos but I never reached goat. Why wouldn’t they make a proper menu? I was so pissed.

And this my friends. THIS is when I start thinking about the damn numbers in the corner. “3.14”. I mean, sure, it’s in their design of the star, it’s not like it’s anything important right? Pressed the arrow on the remote….


and would you look at that. It moved around.




Jesus fucking christ, some days, I’m just NOT THAT BRIGHT. This was one of my “blonde” moments, for sure.

Or maybe it’s the illness. Yeah, I’ll blame the illness.

// Sara

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