Mystic Mind

First of all, this day started off with good news: Hollywood Groupies are confirmed as the support band for Lordi during the dates I’ll be seeing them! This makes me SOOOOO excited, you don’t even understand! This is a band I’ve followed for quite some years and I’ve never had the chance to catch them live, and to see them ending up being the support band for Lordi just made my day!

Hollywood Groupies is an Italian  five-piece Hardrock band formed back in 2006 and they’ve been growing ever since! They released their first album “Punched By Millions Hit By None” in 2010 which got a lot of good reviews.

If you thought this was it, it ain’t! Some late Christmasgifts came in today from my brother, and it was no less than these two precious items:


First up – “Women and Children Last” by Murderdolls. Originally released in 2010 when the band made their comeback. This is the “Special edition” one with a DVD from a live show at the The Key Club in L.A. All these music DVD’s makes perfect for what’s coming up on Friday, so this was well needed!


Secondly – “Black Sails At Midnight” by Alestorm, released in 2009. I FINALLY POSSESS AN ALESTORM ALBUM. This is long overdue. Jesus almighty – I discovered the band already back in 2010 or whenever it was on their tour with Sabaton, and saw a proper show with them this summer. Can’t believe it has taken me up to now to actually have an album with them. But you know – better late than never, right?

Yeah. I guess you could say it’s been a pretty good day, filled with good music and good announcements when it comes to tour. I really CAN’T wait for all the touring and all the shows to start. It’s been too long!

With all this being said, I also wanna pay my respects to all that is going on in Paris right now. As an aspiring journalist, it breaks my heart and scares me that extremists like this exists, threatening our freedom of speech by their delusional reality of what is right and wrong. Stand united against terrorism – but please – remember that these are actions made by extremists, and does not reflect the masses of the people practicing a religion. Take care of each other, and love one another. #JeSuisCharlie


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