Annika Herlitz and Elize Ryd in Melodifestivalen!

So, by this time these are a bit old news (1 and 2 days old, respectively) BUT STILL.

A couple of days ago SVT revealed the acts for Melodifestivalen 2015, and after Christer Björkman saying that had something really good from the metalcamp, I immediatley started to think about the possibilities of Amaranthe being in. And well – ALMOST!

On Monday it was revealed that Elize Ryd, singer in Amaranthe you know, will indeed be in Melodifestivalen together with opera singer Rickard Söderberg! This peope this is great news! I was getting so excited for Melodifestivalen upon hearing this.


But then – the next set of acts were revealed yesterday, and that’s when I learned that one of my BIGGEST idols when it comes to voice acting are going to be in – Annika Herlitz. Annika was the Swedish voice of Elsa, as most of you may know, and hearing she was going to be in Melodifestivalen made my jaw DROP LIKE CRAZY and I almost squealed! Not only did I get Elize, but I’m also getting ANNIKA HERLITZ. For the first time EVER I actually have two favorites already before hearing any of the songs.

(Pictures from

Annika will be in the semifinal in Örebro (YAY! THE ONE CLOSEST TO WHERE I LIVE!) and Elize will be in the one in Gothenburg. I’m getting so excited, and I might even have to attend Mello for the first time in a long time. I hope it goes really well for both of them. You all know which ones I’ll be voting for.

// Sara

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