So this is what it feels like, being at the Right Place, the Right Time

GUYS! I got something amazing to tell you!

Earlier this week I entered a contest on Olly Murs Sweden’s facebook page where the price was a signed edition of the Special Edition of Olly Murs’ album “Right Place, Right Time”. We were supposed to write why three of our friends should like the page and also where we would keep the signed booklet if we won it, and guess what?


OllyPolly 005

GAAAH! I can’t even tell you enough how happy I am! I’m literally dying over here. Lovely Olly. This made me day complete!

Now, the signed booklet has found it’s way right where I said it would be – on my “shelf of fame” together with other booklets, Eurovision stuff, Sweden Rock stuff and Frozen stuff. And I love it.

Okllyyy 004

// Sara

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