Prepare for Hell tour – EUROPEAN LEG CONFIRMED

I was originally about to blog about something completely different today, but it had to move aside for this. Something I’ve been waiting for for SUCH A LONG TIME.

Today, SlipKnot finally confirmed and released the dates for the European leg of their Prepare for Hell tour.

It was so fun, because I remember I got on Facebook and I saw they had some UK dates up, so I was like ok, sure fucking thing, they need to have the rest of Europe with them, so I went on their webpage and noticed that not only did they have an additional European tour.

They also do Norway, Finland, Denmark and Sweden

And it’s so fun, I literally laid down in my sofa and kicked my legs in the air and fangirled ala Candace over the fact they are coming to Sweden. Not really because I’m so SO SO SO fangirly about them, but because I was so sure they were just gonna skip Sweden (like another masked band we all know so well) but hell to the no they won’t!

I’m so excited. OTN tickets are about to be released on Thursday if I understood things correctly, normal ticket release is on Friday. Now I have about three days to make up my mind which of the dates I should do.

Decisions, decisions…

// Sara

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