Dance in the Dark

I’m still a bit asjdklasjdlkaj after artRAVE and haven’t yet gotten off that Lady Gaga vibe and rush you get on after seeing her live, and in lack of better things to write about, I figured I’d give you a bit of a throwback entry, if you like, at all the shows I’ve seen with her. I’ve ripped pretty much all my pictures from my Dayviews or DeviantArt, hence the odd watermarks.

My first Lady Gaga show ever was at Gröna Lund, August 2nd 2009. It’s a little odd to think about – she freking played GRÖNA LUND. Nowadays she sells out Globen in like, an hour, and she played at GRÖNAN. And even better so, I actually arrived rather late and still 1) got in, and 2) scored a decent spot.


The setlist for the night was short, and why wouldn’t it, she only had one album at the time. She started the gig with “Paparazzi” and followed up with “Lovegame”, “Beautiful, Dirty Rich”, “The Fame”, “Money Honey”, “Boys Boys Boys”, “Just Dance”, “Eh Eh”, “Brown Eyes” and ending the show with “Pokerface”. Ah, those were the days!

My second gig with Lady Gaga was during the Monsterball on May 7th, 2010. 

This time around, the stage and show was a LOT bigger. Of course – she was playing Globen, and she just had this HUGE breakthrough with “Bad Romance” (as I was already into her, I didn’t pay attention too much as to how much popularity she gained, but I think it was quite a lot).


The stagesetting for this era is the favorite I have ever seen her have. I can’t explain, but I just love it. To this day, this remains my favorite shows I have ever seen of her, not only because of the stage, but also because of the setlist. I’ve always had bad luck with my favorite songs, so I literally DIED inside when she opened with “Dance in the Dark”, which is my all time favorite Lady Gaga song.


The stage was bigger, the show was also bigger – I think we counted it to 25 changes of clothing during the show. The setlist was also QUITE much longer – this time around, starting with “Dance In The Dark”, followed by “Glitter & Grease”, “Just Dance”, “Beautiful, Dirty Rich”, “Vanity”, “The Fame”, “Lovegame”, “Boys Boys Boys”, “Money Honey”, “Brown Eyes”, “Speechless”, “So Happy I Could Die”, “Monster”, “Teeth”, “Alejandro”, “Pokerface”, “Paparazzi” and wrapping up with “Bad Romance”.

This is also the show she had the fish in. I sadly can’t locate a picture of the fish as we speak, but here’s a video where you can see it. THE FISH.


The third time I saw Mother Monster was on the Born This Way Ball, August 30th 2012.

This time around she had this HUGE castle with her, which I can sadly not dig up a picture of either, but it was HUGE I’m telling you. The show was big and energetic, just as it did on the previous tour, so nothing to complain about, except perhaps the setlist. I wasn’t too fond of it, and it appears I wasn’t at the time either since I can’t even dig up a setlist at all.


And of course, this leading up to my most recent show, which was at artRAVE, September 30th 2014.

The show was a lot smaller than it previously have been, and as I said yesterday, looked almost just like a rave. But then again – there is absolutely nothing like seeing Mother Monster and putting your paws up together with Little Monsters from all over.

We were born this way.


// Sara


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