Gotthard – Need to Believe

Figured it was time for me to tell you about one of my favorite albums, and one of them is “Need To Believe” by swiss rockband Gotthard.

I don’t even know where to begin with this album. Here’s the deal. Gotthard close to always makes perfect albums. They are one of those types of bands, together with H.E.A.T and Amaranthe. They just can’t do wrong, no matter what they do. “Need to Belive” is of course not an exception, however, it’s the theme of the album that captures my heart a little more.

I had the oppurtunity to have a chat with Leo Leoni, their guitarist, after the release of the album. I recall I asked him about the album and what it portrayed, or what the meaning was, and he told me “Have you ever heard of being so strong you can squash water out of a stone? The cover means that if you truly believe in something and keep on fighting, you will reach it“.

And that seems to be the main theme for the whole album, you know. There are the average Gotthard songs, but then there are some golden ones. Those songs, that captures me a little extra is the titletrack and “I Know, You Know”. Songs that, excuse my overanalyzing here, speaks a little bit about how society works. Take “Need to Believe” for instance, where I interpret the lyrics, that we all need to believe in order to make a change.

“I know, You know”…. That one, alongside “One Life, One Soul” always makes me cry so hard. “I know, you know, secrets no one ever should keep, but we don’t, let show, and that makes us guilty of the same crime”. How we, as people, see things happen. We see people being tore down by be it bullies or work or stress or whatever, but we never pay attention to reach out a hand. I wanna applaud those people who everyday make a change.

Another thing that makes this album so extremely special is that it’s the last album Steve would record before his death on October 5th 2010.

““We want to encourage. Especially in these times that are full of crisis it is important to believe in something. There is a wonderful saying, that ‘will can move mountains’. If you are positively thinking and never give up, you will win in the end. That has always been Gotthard’s belief.”” – Steve Lee about “Need to Believe”

Needy 008

// Sara

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