Going to Hell

So, tonight is Amaranthe’s releaseparty for their newest album, “MASSIVE ADDICTIVE” set to be released on 21st or possible 22nd October (keep getting different information about this) and I SOOO wish I could have been there! But, instead of pitying myself, I’m blasting the new album here at home.

And here’s the thing. There is one song on the album, I won’t say which one prior to me reviewing the album officially, the chorus of the song makes me immediatley go “I’ve heard this somewhere before”.

The tricky part, is that I can’t locate WHERE I’ve heard it before. I can swear to fucking GOD that I HAVE heard this chorus, or at least something extremely similar somewhere else. My gut says this is something Dschinghis Khan, which makes me think I might have heard this in Eurovision Song Contest. But I really can’t put my finger on it.

I have the same situation with “The Devil in I” by SlipKnot. There, it’s only a small stick, more precisely the sticks between 1:30 – 1:49 “You and I, can’t decide, which of us was taken for granted, take commands, some of us are destined to be out left” (or whatever he sings) and 2:44 – 3:03, and here I gave up on trying to hear what he sings, but yes.

I somehow get a feeling that it could be Bon Jovi‘s “Only Lonely” from “7800 Farenheit” released in 1985. Like, take the first verse, from perhaps 0:50 up to the chorus. Am I the only one who feels the similarness? Or am I just out of my mind here.

Of course guys, I don’t mean in any way that the Knot has plagiarized Jovi, it’s just… similar! Or is it only me? Do you readers recognize it from somewhere else?

Either way. It doesn’t solve my problem with Amaranthe. And it seriously grinds my cores.

// Sara

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