Honey Hellraiser

Mwaaaa!! Guess what I got today! THIS PRECIOUS THING!

honeyh 010

It’s Honey Hellraiser’s debutalbum! And it’s signed! The story behind this is actually that I won a contest they hosted on their Facebook page. I haven’t written about the win ’til now, because I like secrets like this. I literally went all MIHIHIHIIHIH when I came home from school today and found the envelope with the CD inside on the table.

First of all, in case you people don’t know, Honey Hellraiser is a finnish three-piece band from Karkkila. They have previously released two eps, “All Night Tonight” and “Pick Your Poison“, and this is their debut-album. I was so excited to see this come out as I’ve followed the band a few years by now.

What can I say about the album though? First of all – it’s very typical Honey. Not in the way where the band is plagiarizing itself, but you can still tell from far away that it’s the Honeys. And for you who are unfamiliar with the band – Honey Hellraisers music, how would you say it, pretty pure finnish sleaze in the vibe of Crashdiet with some of the best elements from the 80’s. Even the lyrics are rooted pretty deep in Crashdiet, but with a lighter, and at some points even more humorous vibe to it, as in example “Manager” and “Leave That Bitch”.

This is the kind of CD that you put into your CD player and then you crank the volume up to ten, or as in my case, twenty and blast the hell out of it and just enjoy the distorted guitars and raunchy sounds. The mixing of the albums fits the sound pretty good, although there might be a few tweaks here and there that could be done a little differently.

Over all, I think this is a pretty darn good record. I get so happy whenever I hear the Honey’s CDs and hear how they evolve in becoming better and better for every time and record that passes, and it gives me a lot of hope. The record is promising and I really, really believe in this band.


If you like bands as Crashdiet or Santa Cruz, this is a band right down your alley. Check out the album on Spotify, or buy your own copy at CDON, iTunes or Levykauppa ÄX. I’m just gonna go ahead and blast it just one more time. And perhaps another time after that.

// Sara


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