Who got HammerFall’s new album?

THAT’S RIGHT! I did! And you too, maybe.

Due to lack of time I’ve really only gotten around to listen to it once, and while I do plan on writing a more detailed review tomorrow (I figured I should give it a couple of more listens to make it fair) I can already now say that it’s a very typical HammerFall album. Not a whole lot of new stuff going on, I even found myself being able to sing along to a lot of the songs despite this being the first time I hear them.

However, regardless of the album – it’s now only two, or maybe one, depending on when you’re reading, until HammerFall’s release gig! I haven’t seen HammerFall live in AGES, it’s possible Lichtenfels 2011 was the last time I saw them (too lazy to check right now) so it’ll be MAJOR, I’m telling you, MAJOR. And the fact that the show will be at Liseberg just makes it even better!

But – til next time, keep the flame burning all of you templars of steel! (oh how cheesy)

// Sara

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