So today I FINALLY did something I had planned doing a long time, pre-ordering HammerFall’s newest album “(r)Evolution“. It’s just about 11 days left ’til it’s release, and that means it’s 13 days left to their releasegig at Liseberg which we are gonna go to, and combine it with a birthdaycelebration. I love celebrating my birthday at Liseberg, so it colliding with HammerFall is really more perfect than anything.

I’m starting to get really pumped for the gig, and I think I live a bit a head of time as I seem to overlook the fact that it’s no more than A WEEK left until I see the panzer battalion again. God, I’ve missed this band sooo much. I’m a bit gutted I won’t be seeing their live-screen of their Rockstad gig, but I hope I can catch up on it tomorrow instead.

So yes. HammerFall. Sabaton. Amaranthe. Good things awaiting in the future, so with that said, I’ll give you two old shots of HammerFall and Sabaton.



Both of these pictures are shot back in 2007 (!!) at the Peace&Love festival. It was the first festival I ever attended, actually. And I still have the wristband on my arm. Can’t believe it’s been seven years since these shots were taken, and how much has changed since then!

They are ripped directly from my old gallery at my old website, hence the quality and the watermark. Time sure passes by sometimes… And it runs away. Need to get ready for work! See you later, people!

// Sara

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