I Gave You All

I think I forgot to mention! When we were at Boda Borg, Michelle brought along the shirts we’d ordered from Rokkikauppa! Getting packages with music merchandise is the absolute best kind of packaged, I tell you.


After four years, I finally got around to getting this one. I had a few ideas for it, however, I’ll see if I actually go through with them. Nonetheless, it’s here!


This, my friends, is another shirt I’ve wanted for about four years now. This is a tourshirt from Europe for Breakfast, I caught the tour live myself in Paris, France in 2010. Was a fantastic night indeed, meeting all these amazing monstermaniacs and what not. But, this is in fact my first tour shirt with Lordi EVER. I have never to this date gotten myself a tour shirt of Lordi, for God knows what reason. Funny that it’d take me 8 years before I’d get one. Feels right in a way that it was one with Otus as well.


This is the last one in the bunch, and this one I have major plans for, if I can muster up the courage to go through with it. I just have to.

With these three items in my possession, I now own all the Lordi shirts I’ve ever wished to own. It makes me glad and satisfied in a way, that I’m finally “done” and don’t need to worry about them selling out, but it also got me a little jshdsaj when I realized I can’t go on Rokkikauppa anymore for now, because there are nothing on there I want, haha, which screwed up my birthday wishlist a bit (yes, my parents ask for a wishlist).

Anyway. Bed awaits, working x 10 tomorrow.

// Sara

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