I finally mustered up all the guts I had to actually try out something I wanted for a very long time. A fringe top. I decided to kill an old and cheap fake Lordi shirt I had, because if it would fail, I wouldn’t have wasted, and if it was a success, then I would have something to actually wear! I stopped wearing this shirt YEARS ago because I sorta outgrew it, but yeah. Time to fix it!

I decided to do it outside, so I went out with SlipKnot on the ipod, a glass of soda and a scissor and began the massacre.

arty 007

This was to be killed. And beneath, is the result.


I’m pretty pleased with it I must say! I might do some final cuts on the lower part of the shirt, and I MIGHT get rid of the arms, but yeah, so far, so pleased!

// Sara

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