Dream Evil – Dragonslayer

A CD that’s been going warm the last days now are Dream Evil‘s album “Dragonslayer” from 2002, so I figured I’d give you a heads up about the album.

dargonslayer 014

Most of you who read my blog, or at least have done so for a long time, knows how picky I can be when it comes to metal, or you know, things that are heavier than Lordi. There are only two bands I “dare” listen to, or perhaps, buy the records for, and that’s HammerFall and Sabaton.

However, on the later years I’ve gotten more and more into powermetal. I’m still not sure if I’m.. ‘ready’ for heavier stuff, but yes. Anyway. I discovered Dream Evil when they were supporting HammerFall on a gig at Gröna Lund back in 2007, and a few years (!) later I decided to get an album by them, alongside a Hardcore Superstar and Jay Smith CD. Said and done.

During the gig I had gotten really fond of “The Chosen Ones” and thus chased down the CD with that song on it. At the first few listens it didn’t stick, and I guess this is why I find myself here now, a few years later, blowing the dust off it and cranking it.

Like I said earlier, I’m always a bit suspicious when it comes to things heavier than Lordi, if I’ll really like and things like that, and I guess this is why I’ve always been a bit unsure about Dream Evil, despite HAVING seen them live a couple of times and KNOWING they are powermetal.

But I really like this. I noticed myself that I must have listened a lot to the CD before, because I recognized the words to “In Flames You Burn”, amongst other things. This album is a pretty darn good album. The material is solid and polished, and there are enough soldiers and dragons and quests to keep me interesting throughout the CD. It’s pretty similar to HammerFall in a way, or at least it is for me with an “untrained” ear.

// Sara

Be sure to check out tracks as “Chasing The Dragon” and “In Flames You Burn”, and of course, “The Chosen Ones”.

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