California Gurls

You know, one morning during Sweden Rock I was mindlessly scrolling through Facebook in the morning and came across something I never thought I’d ever see.

Live Nation had made an announcement. About Katy Perry.

About Katy Perry coming to Sweden.

After all this time. All this waiting.

I literally went EJRKLASJDASKLJDASKLJ!LJ½!½½½½½!!!!!!”!”!!!!!!!!! SLJDASLJDALDJASLDJAEJELJ !!!!!

You see, I’ve been a fan of Katy’s for a while, since One of the Boys record, and she’s one of these artist that I’ve genuinely liked for a long time, without even having the chance to catch live. May it be that I missed her when she was in Europe, but apart from that, no. And I wasn’t sure if she was ever gonna get here, to Sweden.

But she do. And she will. Finally. Today I got myself the ticket for the show. It’s next year, but I just CAN’T WAIT! Oh, Katy Perry. Finally. Bring on that sugarrush, honey.


// Sara

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