Country Roads

Seriously, I’m gonna take this entry to talk about something.

I’ve been following the most recent season of Masterchef USA, and from the beginning, Luca has been my favorite. Last week, I missed the last part of the episode, I missed the part where they reveal the final two, and my mum had told me it was Jessie and Natasha who was in the finale, making me a little sad, I really cheered for Luca.

So understand my surprise when I put on the show today, in the background from my The Sims playing only to hear Gordon Ramsay say “the only chef standing in her way is… Luca”. I mean, what. I literally… I was like WHAT. It appears my mum was wrong! (She thought it was ‘the two girls’ that made it).

So of coruse I had to watch. To be honest, I was really expecting Natasha to win, because she’s done SOOOO good throughout the competition, whilst Luca has struggled a bit. But you know… When Ramsay announced Luca was the winner…. I almost through my makeup brush away (I was getting ready for work as it happened). I mean. I CANT EVEN PUT INTO WORDS HOW FUCKING MUCH I LOVE THIS BECAUSE HE REALLY DESERVES IT AND I REALLY THOUGHT NATASHA WAS GONNA WIN.

Right before I headed for work I took myself the oppurtunity to sent him a greeting about it (realizing this was actually a very recent season) and when I came home from an extraordinary day at work, I’d find this waiting for me in my Twitter notifications.


It’s not much. But still, it was enough to send my fangirl heart out the window! Hell. I’m starting to feel pretty noticed by people I adore. Amen, Swampy, Alex, Luca, Linus….. hell to the fucking yeah.

And for the first time in Forever, I could be noticed by someone

Now I want you all to realize that these people doesn’t per se matter at all more than my amazing friends I talk to everyday. I love them more than anything. But then there is this one person I want to notice me, and I want him to do it soon. Oh well!

Congratulations again, Luca!

// Sara

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