Lat Heet Los

Have been listening to the Flemish version of “Let it Go” like crazy lately. What’s even crazier is that I seem to understand most of the lyrics, not because I know it numerous of languages, but because a lot of the words are so similar to Swedish and German that I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry about it. But you know, I LOVE discovering new languages (or accents) to learn, so bring it on.

It’s Thurday. Two days ’til Stockholm Rocks. Mixed feelings. I’m so exicted to go to a concert again, at last, finally, but I just got too much on my mind at the same time. I figured I’ll just try to let it go during the weekend, not worry about it. But then I start worrying about another thing. What to wear.

Normally, I have a plan. Or a few options. But this time, I got SQUAT. I have no fucking idea. The easiest escape I supposed, would be like, my leatherpants and a HEAT shirt. You know, to minimize the hazzle. And. Damn. Look at that. I got a plan.

Now all I have left is to visit the hairdresser tomorrow. And get rid of the (not so) beautiful block of brown hair at my roots. At last. My first time bleaching at a salon though, so it will sure be intersting.

NP: Lat Heet Los – Elke Buyle

// Sara

(Oh! This was my 666th post apparently! METAL!)

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