Dippers Guide To The Unexplained

You know, I’ve been looking forward to “Dippers Guide To The Unexplained” ever since “Gideon Rises” aired. I wasn’t really sure WHEN it was ever gonna air, but for some reason I decided to check up on TV.nu what was in store for us today last night, noticing a good deal of “Dippers Guide…”

I’m not joking. When I saw the name, my heart stopped. I sat here and I was like “WHA WHA WHA WHA WHA WOOOOOO” and pointed at the screen. I kinda do that a lot. FINALLY. Then my heart sank a bit when I saw it was episode 6 airing. What. Have I missed out on it? When it started? No… I …. No…

But gladly…. After a long day working in the stable, I could finally sit down to watch the recorded shorts, only to realize THIS WAS THE PREMIERE. Meaning, I had NOT missed out on the premiere, in fact, I caught it right on time! God damn, there must be a guardian angel or something telling me to notice this things.

And ow. How I’ve longed for new Gravity Falls material. Not only do I miss the sweet prescence of Mabel and Dips on television, I secretly miss hearing the amazing voices. Regardless if you watch GF in Swedish or English, the voices are just… I… Freddy and Jason – Dippers voiceactors… I could sit and listen to them for hours. They could talk complete bullshit, and I would still listen just because I love their voices. I can’t even tell you enough. Oh.

It’s a Regular Show marathon tomorrow, Freddy voices on Regular Show (Mordecai, in case anyone cares). I know what I’m gonna do tomorrow.

// Sara

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