Oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah. The day had finally arrvied! I WAS GONNA SEE STEEEEEL PAAAANTHER!

This time, in the land of Frozen. Norway, that is. I was really excited seeing the boys again. As you know, they were supposed to play at Rockefeller, but due to high demand they were changed to a larger venue, Sentrum Scene! At first this worried me, as I had chosen a hotel REALLY close to Rockefeller, but then I realized that S.S. was just around the corner from Rockefeller.

I must admit though, at first I missed the hotel. It was like a staircase next to a gamers-hall of sorts (I might be wrong), which I completely missed delaying me almost an hour since I got lost! In Oslo! but once I got a hang of it, everything solved. At last.

The hotel was gorgeous though. I stayed at the tenth floor with the view over… well the city. And the mountains. Amazing. Since I was delayed, I kinda had to to hurry to get dressed. Decided to go all leather with some lepard heels for today. I absolutely love the fishnets shirt, and since you can’t really wear it in the summer (hello awkward sunburn) you have to take the oppurtunity in the winter!


Anyways. I decided to go there about half an hour before the doors opened, and quite the queue had formed! When I walked by it earlier it hadn’t been THAT much people, but now it was like WOOSH and people appeared!

It was pretty cool queueing. I was alone granted, but I had some fancy dudes behind me with glittery wigs they’d bought for 200 NOK. They looked smashing, I might add! Funky donky. It was a good atmosphere in the queue – we were singing Steel Panther songs and just waiting… and then the doors finally opened!

I was a little confused at first when I got in, as they have two “floors”. Like one upper with seats, and one “hovedsal” where you stand. Now, I don’t think they’d sold specific seating or standing tickets, but I wanted to stand! Eventually I found my way to the standing area and for GOD KNOWS WHAT REASON, I stood by Satchel’s side. I don’t even understand it now that I think back at it, given that Lexxi’s my favorite. What the actual fuck you know. Anyway. I was actually accompanied by the fellas behind me in line! Nice nice.

Anyway. Pretty right on time as I had expected, the supportband started. It was the Swedish/UK based band Blackwater that gave us the honor. Fine enough band! I’m a bit split about the music, but I think it something I’ll have to give a few listens. After playing for about 30-45 minutes the left the stage.

After some wait, Steel Panther finally entered the stage, opening up with “Eyes of a Panther”. As usual, a whole review can be read on hå , Google Translates works just fine, it might change a few sentences, but it’ll give you the idea. I’m not gonna write much more about the gig actually, more than that it gave me chills. Not the band per se, but as I so often speak about. The crowd.


Do you understand. The whole crowd chanted EVERY SONG they had to play, including “Party Like Tomorrow Is The End Of The World” and “Burden of Being Beautiful”. Do you understand, how amazing that must feel for the band? I myself was amazed. Damn, we rock sometimes.

After gig I didn’t do much. A really really kind crew-member handed me a set-list, bless him! He’s the best. Seriously, they are so kind. I also stopped by to pick up the “Spreading The Disease” girlie. I headed back to the hotel afterwards and pretty much lost my shit and jumped around to the beat of Icona Pop, ironically.


Yes, this is taken at home. Sue me.

The next day I went up extra early to take an early bus home. I had chosen a hotel that was fairly close to the busterminal, took me a mere ten minutes to get there. And while I was rushing for the bus, a little snowflake caught my eye. More precis, THIS snowflake:


I was one happy snowman when I saw this! Kept me entertained for the trip home. And they had a poster that included Hans. THANK GOD FOR THAT.

Well. I guess that’s all I have to say about this little trip. Thank you Steel Panther, and your amazing crew. Thank you thank you.

// Sara



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