Cum on Feel the Noize

This has been the absolute most productive day ever, I’m sure. For once in a very long time I’ve found some sort of… I don’t know,  peace? Or perhaps structure. Structure on my life. And it makes everything A LOT easier because now you know that you’ve done good for the day. I struggle a lot with feeling as I’m not worthy in for instance, playing The Sims or reading fanfics. But fuck this shit – I’ve gotten a structure, and get things done, so, no harm done I suppose.

What else. Oh. I’ve told myself to stand in the corner of shame. Why? Well. I received a promo-record by an upcoming Finnish band today (tell you more about it when I’ve reviewed the CD) and listen to most of their songs on repeat. I was listening to song number three on the record, and after about four listens I sit there and are all like “This guy sure tries to sound like Mr Lordi. He sounds a hell lot like Mr Lordi. Why would he even do that I mean….. OH. WAIT. WAIT HOLD ON A SECOND”.

And then I remembered that Mr Lordi was doing a guest-voice on this record. Despite this, I failed to recognize his voice at first. Yes, you are all allowed to bash me SO hard for this. And throw tomatoes and bananas at me. Go ahead! DO IT!

Well. Major Monogram is screaming “Look at that platypus, look at that platypus” out of my speakers, which is a cue that it’s time to retire… for tonight.

// Sara

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