Skogsröjet part 2

Oh sweet Jesus. Haven’t blogged a single thing about anything, but I’m totally blaming that on the job I had. It’s the best job I’ve ever had, just though you should know.


This year, we travelled with a van. No more uncomfortable trainrides, no more vomited busrides. Michelle came and picked up after work, and we literally threw everyhing in the van without organization. I have now a blueprint at home to prevent this from happening in the future, but oh well.

röjet 002

We arrived pretty late at the festival and got, if you ask me, the most perfect parkingspots ever. The first thing we did was to, of course, get our ribbons, but after that, set up the van to perfection. Or at least close to perfection.

röjet 007

After it was done we could finally sit down, plug in our stereo and start blasting Lordi-songs. As the spoiled brats that we are, we also had our own internet with us, so of course it was internet time! And soiled subway sandwiches. What else! But like I said, it was pretty late so we went to bed rather quickly in order to get up in time the next day.


I think this picture says it all

röjet 017

Michelle had already during Crucified Barbara passed out due to the heat, so afterwards we figured we’d get ourselves stoked in order not to pass out ’til Lordi. I mean, imagine that…



Well, what need I say? It’s Lordi you know. Even though the setlist was a bit boring, it’s still Lordi, and it always makes me happy to see them, and even how weird it might sound, it made me proud, proud to see them in Sweden.



I don’t need to say anything more than this. Me, Paula, Hanna, Michelle and Ludvig all got to meet Lordi at Skogsröjet and that is just… amazement. It’s a shame Amen was sick, though.


*Lita Ford was good, despite being so fucking late.



It’s always pleasurable to watch H.E.A.T. Erik Grönwall got such an energy that just makes you incredibly happy. The setlist was just fine, although I miss a few songs.


Apparently, this is only the third time I see them, it always feels like more, but apparently not. It was major fun seeing the Helsinki vampires again, and I literally died on the inside when they played “Dance D’Amour”. Favorite song, always.


Seriously this one. So, earlier we tried to watch the Gravity Falls episode “Little Dipper”, since we hadn’t seen it before or anything. For this we of course had crisps and dip. But, my computer, being the major dick she is, of course shut down the episode in the middle of it. So we figured we’d stuck all the dip we had left under the car, yes UNDER THE VAN. And then we left to see the shows. After The 69 Eyes, we went back, only to find our dip standing by the side of the road. Neatly. And all the dip was eaten.

röjet 169

I mean

come on


Someone, apparently.


We ended the whole festival with Dee Snider and Twisted Sister. There’s seriously no other band that can give you so much energy and is more perfect to end a festival. Seriously, perfection!



So this was the day for us to go home. Everything was packed, and we were ready to go.

Or not at all.

It came to our understanding that the car battery had died. Oh shit.

To our big relief, Lordi’s bandhost lived in the house right next to our bandspot, and thanks to him and his friends, we could get away! Thank you Henrik, thank you so much!

We went to Norrköping at first for me to meet up with someone special and Michelle to meet up with her grandma. After some time in the town, it was time for us to finally say good bye for this time and start our long road home.

Or not entirely. On the way home we decided to stop by at Sofia’s house and say hi. I haven’t met her in ages, so that was fun!

So yeah. I guess this sums it up pretty good. I’m sorry for the messy writing, but I also believe this is the best I could do for the moment.

Thanks to Michelle, Paula, Hanna, Ludvig, Robex, Erik, Sofia, Henrik, Mark and Lordi for everything! Hope to see you soon again!

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  1. Great to read about skogsröjet and cool pix with you and Lordi!

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