Seriously, this is bad, but I’m so excited right now that I don’t even know where to turn, so of course, my blog would be a good idea.

Today I managed to catch “Phineas Birthday Clip-o-Rama” and “Phineas&Ferbensteins Monster” (I realize this is the Swedish title rather than the english, but you get it) so now I only have TWO MORE EPISODES before being… almost done.

I still miss “This is my Backstory” and a 2nd copy of “Christmas Vacation” the 33 minutes version (Though I realize this one won’t come on until Christmas), but knowing that I will most likely catch “Hawaiian Vacation” tomorrow, leaving it only “Busted At Last” left. Which I  have only missed due to laziness, it’s aired two times the last weeks, I just didn’t get around to do it.

I also noticed, that the more you put into actually recording these, the quicker you get them all. I did some quick cleaning to achieve some space, and made sure to check what episodes was to be aired, and BAM. They are being quickly reduced.

The only thing I miss now is “Fight Fighters” in English. I might have to pick up on chasing that Episode now, but I sense it might air tomorrow. And I also hope to God no more episodes after “Little Dipper” has aired, because in that case I missed them. Same with Phineas&Ferb. I’ve paid 0 attention to whether here are new out or not. BAD ON ME.

I just focused on life I guess.

I’m just gonna go back to note out what number each Gravity Episode has.

// Sara

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