Wreck-It Ralph, To Beast or Not To Beast, and what not…

Hello, hello, hello.

Last Friday must have been one of the best days ever. First off, I started my day with some good news regarding a certain event, and got some sweet pressmaterial while having a delicious breakfast after a fantastic morning shower. Afterwards, my mum and I went shopping for the weekend, stuff like kneepads and such. Boda Borg COULD be considered an extremesport, I guess.


Later one I headed downtown to meet up with Emelie and Michelle for some “fancy” lunch (I guess?) at Subway before we hit the premiere of Wreck-it Ralph. Despite me being a bit unsure about the movie at first, I liked it. A lot. I liked it very much, and I just wanted to punch Ralph when he wrecked Vanellope’s go-cart. And I gotta use Felix’s pickup line on someone at some time. Seriously. At our way home from the movies I also received some pretty fantastic news. Not gonna share’em here though.


After dropping Emelie off later we went home, ordered pizza and got to our “Awca-ritual”. Yes, that’s right. The first listen to “To Beast or Not To Beast”, Lordi’s new album for the people who doesn’t know. We even set the mood with a lot of candles, a sacrificial hamster and pizza. Everything was just perfect.

And so was the album. Or perfect may be a bit strong… but it was good. Really good. It’s like The Arockalypse and Deadache had a child, and this is it. I can’t really pick a favorite song, but it’s somewhere between “Candy for the Cannibal”, “Something Wicked This Way Comes”, “Schizo Doll” and “Horrifiction”. They are all kinda Deadache-ish, perhaps with a little touch of Babez, but mainly Deadache. I’m still shocked though from hearing Mr Lordi curse through an entire chorus. That was unexpected, especially as we can recall him saying at one point he wouldn’t do it, because it’s the easy way out.

But yes, like I said, it’s hard as hell to choose ONE favorite, it’s easier to say that the songs I liked the least on the album is like, “Happy New Fear”, “The Riff” and “I’m The Best“, although, I wouldn’t say they are bad or anything. The mixing is a lot better on this album than it was on Babez, and the overall composing is just perfect. The only thing I miss, is Kita’s backingvocals. It feels a bit empty without his sweet and soft voice screaming in the background, but it also kinda adds to it that the backings are all dark.

But I liked it. No, loved it. I loved it. This is THE era of Lordi, and I’m glad I’ll be seeing as many gigs as I am with them this era.

I even love the “Dinner is Served!” in the beginning of “We’re Not Bad For The Kids (We’re Worse)“. And of course the band would be screaming, they were kept waiting three years for dinner. Damn it, Wagener! They may be monsters, but they get hungry too.


But okay. Almost 4 am in the morning. Bed is calling. My body’s aching from Boda Borg, but I figured I’ll tell you more about that tomorrow.

// Sara

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