I Believe We Can

Yeah, I probably used that title quite a lot lately, but Phineas&Ferb’s basically all that’s on my mind lately. That and Creepypastain’ Gravity Falls. Or not really, it’s just Michelle that’s freaked out by it. Grunkle Stan has never been more intriguing!

But you know, while talking about how it’s gonna take years for us to gather the whole season one of Gravity Falls on DVD, I came to think about our upcoming travels, and about the future and about the site I write for. Thing is, as I stated earlier, I got so much new inspiration just because starting a new course, and that doesn’t only count for school, but also my work on the site I write for.

What kind of changes we wanna make, what kind of articles we wanna write… Michelle and I are brainstorming like freaks right now and we’ve come up with some pretty rad ideas. I’ll gather them all and present them to my boss later on with well-planned sketches.

I’m sorry that my blog entries has become so short and boring lately, I really don’t know what to write about. What do you wanna hear about? Seriously I need some advice here. I mean, I care like crazy for the new Grease-episode of Phineas&Ferb, but do you? That’s the question.

// Sara

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