I Want it That Way

Currently listening to Steel Panther’s version of the song, and I’ve been blasting Jay Smiths version like crazy the last days. I remember when I was young, I didn’t know the words to this song, but I did know the words to “One Backstreet Boy is Gay”. Haha. 

Okay, so I had this big smart entry about Lordi and their new costumes prepared, however, I can’t really fin the inspiration to actually finish it, so I’m just gonna say, that, I think they are rad, and scary as fuck, and I’m in love with the new keyboardist Hella. Maybe one day I’ll finish it. But not today.

I’m really just bumping in to get this blog going to not stop myself from keeping it. So. Basically… Yeah. Michelle’s coming here tomorrow, and we’re going to a Sabaton show, the last one on the tour. That’s gonna be pretty exciting, I love “Carolus Rex” so I would really have loved to see more shows of this tour, but oh well! I guess one’s better than none, right?

While I was at it I took the oppurtunity to FINALLY buy the damn Bon Jovi tickets. Seriously, that’s the only band that I have continuely written in my New Years predictions like every year without actually happening. And then he announces to come to Sweden and I’m not even the first to buy tickets. Stupid. But now I have them in my possession, so yes, BON JOVI IS ON!

perry le platypants 017

Afterwards, depending on how tired we are, we’ve planned to try out two-player mode on the Phineas&Ferb TV game I just got, “Across The 2nd Dimension”. I know it’s old, but I just got it, alright? And about just got… Look what arrived in the mail today!


That’s right!! Perry The Platypants! And they are so comfortable I could die. I didn’t expect them to be this heavenly, but they are. I know what I’m gonna be wearing from now on when I want something “simple” instead of my pyjamas!

But okay. It’s like 3 am in the morning and I need to get up early, so I’ll catch you after Sabaton tomorrow.

NP: I Want It That Way – Steel Panther

// Sara

One Response to “I Want it That Way”

  1. Early Bon Jovi albums got some great songs havn´t heard so much from the later albums. Do you got the Steel Panther dvd? Is it any good?

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