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Summary of 2012

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Alright. So here we go again, writing a summary of what have been.

WordPress always pulls together statistics from the year by itself that every user can take a look at, seeing what they’ve accomplished with their blog throughout the year.

I had 5,600 viewers in total during the whole year, and the readers came from 90 different countries having most visitors from Sweden, United States and Germany. Users “Seance” and “Paula L” is my most frequent commenters, the first one posting three comments in a whole, and the second one two.

This year I wrote a total of 78 entries, and when you look at it, 78 entries on a year that’s 366 days long… That’s kinda weak. What the hell happened? Oh well, that’s something that needs to get better next year. My most popular post throughout the year was “Det här med andrahandsbiljetter och att köpa upp de” (despite this being written in 2011) and “Mr Kita” is still the entry holding the most comments, 12 in a whole. Neither of these were written this year, but I guess their topics have kept them alive.

My busiest day was June 2nd, and my most viewed post that day was “Christmas Metal Meeting: Lordi Show” and people found my blog searching for “Simon Cruz”, “Sampsa Astala”, “Tonmi Lillman”, “Lordi otus” and “Lordi kita”. Okay. Sure, whatever. It sure beats “Simon Cruz Girlfriend”, haha!

But okay. Let’s take a look at a REAL summary.

As you know, I began my new year in Norway together with some of my bestest friends. It’s also the month where I, after stumbling upon Esmeralda and Frollo on a Disney-blog I stumbled upon on a Gossip-blog watched Hunchback of Notre Dame again after like, 10 years. Or something. And then the others following. I guess you could say A Whole New World was starting. But January was also the month we planned a lot for our so called “Steel Panther” year (Not sure though now how much of a Steel Panther year it actually was, but who cares).

We also wrote our very first parody song, “Cloaca of Miracles” (Court of Miracles) and many would follow, such as “The Hair of Gothenburg” (The Bells of Notre Dame) and “Can you see the tacosnail?” (Can you feel the love tonight?) But we’ll talk about that later. It was also during January we learned that we would not be seeing Stala&SO. in Finland, but in Sweden! Three Swedish dates was confirmed, and of course, Argo, Michelle and I got on it and did them all. But more about that later.


February was a dark month. On February 15th, we learned that our beloved drummer Otus had passed away, reasons unknown. I still remember when I woke up that morning and scrolled through Facebook and wondered what the hell this sick joke was all about, and I had tons of Lordi fans texting me and asking me if it was true. After realizing this was very much true I called Martine up to talk about with her, as she was very close to him. I think none of us still to this day have quite gotten over it.  We still miss you, Lizard Butcher.

Mr Otus


It wasn’t until March that our “concert-year” would begin, and it would go out damn strong too! We started out with double Steel Panther dates in Oslo and Copenhagen, seeing Copenhagen being the most memorable one. I will NEVER forget the moment where Michelle pauses “Fat Girl” right before they start singing, and Michael fucking Starr starts singing it behind Michelle’s back. Just like that. I think both of our hearts stopped on an instant. I mean, these things just don’t happen, right? And after the show, when he stopped by us, and only us, to ask us how we were doing and thanked us for being there. This doesn’t happen right? We also met some damn cool friends that night as well, and I still doubt our judgement just following some unknown guys in an unknown city to their rehearsal lot. But everything turned out fine, so who cares? It was also after this we wrote the lyrics to “The Hair of Gothenburg” and we invented the “Tacosnail”.


On the end of the month it was time for us to go on our Stala&SO. trip, seeing them debuting in Sweden. I have a few strong memories from that trip, first one being when we sat down and had a drink with Sami and Pate before the show in Sweden and we had an interesting chat with them regarding vaginas and Mr Lordi… yes. I’ll leave it there. Then the next day in Trollhättan where Michelle laid down on the table because she was tired and Sampsa bent over infront of her to check on her and THE SCREAM she let out when she opened her eyes and saw Sampsas face infront of her. HAHAHAHA. Oh my god. It’s a good thing she doesn’t have a heartcondition, because she’d have died if she had one! I think Sami threw a towel in her face that same night. Poor Michelle.


This is a calm and silent month. Not much happened at all.


Sure. I didn’t do much in May. But something VERY BIG happened in May.


And. I mean. I say no more.


In June we went to Sweden Rock Festival, which I guess isn’t too much of a surprise to you. This year though, we had accreditation so we got to do some interviews and see some pressconferences. And seriously. The way Steel Panther screwed us over on the press…. I’m still not sure if I’m EVER going to forgive them for that. Oh my god. I died a little on the inside. But okay, as I know there are many butthurt people out there, YES I can take a joke and NO I don’t ACTUALLY hate Steel Panther for this, Good grief.

Schweden Rock 174

But not only did we see and enjoy(?) Steel Panther, we also saw my all time favorite band, the one band I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see live but never got the chance to. Slaughter. I remember the fucking day I woke up and checked Facebook and saw, in the small section you know, “Slaughter Added on the poster”

I was like. Haha. Funny. Probably the Canadian Death Metal band Slaughter. Then I noticed Chris wrote on my log “I take it you’re happy today? ;)”… that’s when I had to look. And when I saw their faces, the faces of Mark, Dana, Jeff and Tim on the screen together with the text “SLAUGHTER CONFIRMED”… I didn’t know what to do or where to go. The euphoria… I can’t. No. And when we saw them… I can’t. No, sorry, I won’t say a thing.

We wrapped up the month with seeing Sister here in Karlstad, making some new friends and having a good time.


So. In July, I discovered the two boys who would completely not only wreck my life, but also raise/change my standards in guys and be my biggest inspiration source. Yeah, nothing’s been the same ever since. Uhhhh, they sure drive me crazy. But I also got to thank them for a lot. It’s many, MANY things I wouldn’t have done or ever consider doing if it wasn’t for them, so I guess, thanks boys. Thanks.

But on a more serious note, July wasn’t a very good month Lordi-wise. We learned that Lady Awa had decided to leave the band. And even though she’s “only” leaving the band, it still, at the point, felt like Lordi was just falling apart you know. Kita had been fired just two years ago, Otus passed away and now Awa was gone… God. It didn’t look very bright there for a while. Thank God everything cleared up!


In July we in the GroupieBFF also spent a week together at Michelle’s place. A lot of madness, I assure you. Like waking someone up with bubbles, eating at restaurants called “Mulan” and of course, watching “Mulan” after that and ending the week with a full day at Boda Borg. OH THE BRUISES.


In August Emelie and I tried for the very first time to host a sleepover at the stable during the entire “Extreme Horse Makeover” camp. I must say, I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out. Of course, it could have gotten A LOT better, but considering how everything started out, I must say I think we did pretty well. But yes. One day, we will have our revenge on them waking us up so early.

August was also the month for concerts, and this time MANY of them. We started it with Alice Cooper on Liseberg where I also met up with Argo, continuing with Skogsröjet and all their artists, including Sister, Reckless Love and Alice Cooper. Fatal Smile a week later, and a week after that it was time to see Lady Gaga again. Man. I love her so much.

But apart from that, I also had my Princess/Topsy Turvy/Glam/Metal/Whatever birthday party. Even though the turn out wasn’t all that big, I’d still say we had a blast. And I don’t think we will EVER listen to “Lovegame” the same way again. EVER. What the hell is it that happens whenever we get together?

kalais 022 kalais 024


September was also a month that ran a bit slow, but I did play heaps of The Sims 3, making great progress with my newest diamond, the superstar singer Candace Flynn.



In October, after many years, I finally managed to get my favorite childhood game to work. Atlantis: The Lost Tales. Of course, it was the creepiest game I have ever played, and still to this day I find it creepy, just ask Michelle, she’s heard when I play it.

But if we forget about Atlantis for a while, Steel Panther was back in Sweden for a small tour, and of course we got on both dates. We had an incredible night in Stockholm, but like Jennie once said, second night is always the best. In Gothenburg… man. Those were the days. First of all we had a blast before the gig – beginning with Janie bursting out “This is so… VINTAGE!” about my Megara cup, and afterwards when we spent and awkwardly long time with Michael Starr. And, actually, I’m gonna leave it there. He gave us pizza, and ranted at Michelle. But now, I’m gonna leave it there. Amazing things happened, but I’ll keep them for myself for a while.

panther 159

At the end of the month we went to W.A.S.P to check out both them and Badmouth, and seriously, it doesn’t matter what show you go to. The people in this town surprises me…


So this was a little slow on the concertpart, but on the brighter sight, the special episode of Phineas&Ferb, “Where’s Perry?” the episode I thought we would have to wait YEARS for, AIRED!!!! Michelle and I had a BIG celebration for it, and it was so worth it. And I’ll never forget when we were just to start watch “Summer Belongs To You” when we noticed Phineas&Ferb would come on once more that night and figured we’d check out what episode, just in case. And I’m glad we did, it has become our mutual favorite episode. I mean, come on. IT’S WHALEMINGOS! and Baljeet losing it at Buford! What is not to love?

And after this, DXD and DC aired new episodes of Phineas&Ferb every weekend until the 2nd part was out. HEAVEN!


Ehm. So. On the same day as “Where’s Perry? Part Two” was to be released, a day that was supposed to be the happiest ever, everything wasn’t all that happy. A horse that I’ve been taking care of for a long time, Winerva, was put down on December 2nd after having a sore leg for a long time. Even though it was the best for her, it still doesn’t change that fact that I miss her, even though I was scared as fuck for her sometimes.


But if we focus on good things, Lordi’s newest members were revealed! Scarbie Hella and Priest Mana is the newest additions to the Lordi camp, and a whole new concept came along. I got a feeling that this is gonna be great, like Deadache-great. I mean, LOOK AT THE COSTUMES!


Hm, what else did we do. Emelie, Michelle and I went to Boda Borg together. Michelle and I saw Sabaton live here in Karlstad. And… yeah. I guess that’s that.

Thats the whole year in text. Michelle’s on her way here and later on we are heading to Martina’s to celebrate, a little while. Getting up working early tomorrow.

But okay. Now we’ve covered that, let’s move over to the predictions.

* See Pretty Boy Floyd live 
* See Slaughter live DONE
* See Bon Jovi live
* See Van Halen live
* See Lordi live
* See Honey Hellraiser live
* See Stala & SO. live DONE
* Hang out with more people DONE
* Meet more rockstars DONE 

Okay.. Well. Most importantly, I managed to scratch off the one predictions who’s been around for WAY too long – Seeing Slaughter live. I finally, finally, finally got to do it.  At Sweden Rock. Thank you so much for that. But I think I need to be more imaginative with my predictions from now on.

So for next year. Well, I can’t put in seeing Bon Jovi live, as that is actually happening… but I guess…

Thing is, we’ve got a lot of great things happening next year. I guess, my only prediction and hope is that the SBTY project will work out. That the Lordi tour will work out. That we get to FINALLY meet a certain Australian guy. I hope to see the guys in Steel Panther, Stala&SO. and Honey Hellraiser again too. That would be great.

And lastly, I wanna thank the following people for a fantastic year.

Michelle R, Martine F, Paula L, Emelie V, Thomas C, Maria B, Anthalerero M, Eva H, Alexander P, Nettan K, Lina S, Jennie F, Martina A, Mik S, Erica, Jasmin B, Argo P, Sara N, Anna T, Jonathan N, Peter O, Curt U, Sofia A, Angelina R, Max, Renata K, Maria P, Elina B, Alex M, Fredrik O, Dante B, Philip P, Sarah F, Cornelia P, Hanna G, Sophie F, Andreas S, Elin K, Elin H, Maja V, Michal B, Cecilie H, Anna S, Rikk S, Anna-Clara S, Trevor J, Emma J, Nikola M, Jesper B, Malin B, Malin N, Elin G, Ida M, Sara S, Matilda I, Matilda H, Josefine F, Jannie H, Aneta D, Joiz S, Johanna J, Julia K-D, Karolina S, Sandra S, Anna H, Sandra M-O, Tanja M-O, Nathalie M, Rasmus S, Janie S, Anna L, Lina L, Malin L, Liz, Trixie, Elias E, Isabelle S, Emma R, Ellinor J, Elina K, Rebecka Y, Tuija L, Peter D, Faedra P, Wil, Erik T, Stian G, Johanna N, Pontus S, Lordi, Amen, OX, Awa, Otus, Hella, Mana, Sampsa, Niko, Sami, Pate, Juha, Harri, Michael Starr, Satchel, Lexxi, Satchel, Jamie, Lady GaGa, Mike, Chris, Tom, Randy, Candace [sim], Clopin, Esmeralda, Belle, Gaston, Facilier, Phineas, Ferb, Dan Povenmire, Swampy Marsh, Vincent Martella, Elina Raeder, Andreas Nilsson, Heinz Doofeshmirtz, and my family.


// Sara

Hung Up

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So I was listening to Madonna’s “old” hit tune “Hung Up”. She repeatedly sings that “Times goes by so slowly”.

But I have to disagree. Time fucking flies.

Today it’s exactly one week since Michelle and I went to see Sabaton play on Nöjesfabriken here in town. What can I say. Sabaton was ace, Pain was good but DAMNIT, I’ve said this before. I hate the audience in this town. There were about at least three fist fights right next to where Michelle and I were (this leading to us having to go inbetween) and a lot of whiny bitches on the front row who can’t take the pressure together with the general stupidity. Seriously. I get that you’ve been waiting aaaaaaaaall night for Sabaton, but for fucks sake, if you CAN’T HANDLE THE FUCKING PRESSURE, GET OUT! I was on second/third row and I even got my head smashed between two people during a song, but still, SHIT HAPPENS! And what’s the deal with all the crowdsurfers? What do you get out of it? Gah.

But oh, if we step away from that. Sabaton was great. As you know, Carolus Rex is my favorite era with Sabaton, and THANK GOD that they sang “Carolus Rex” on Swedish. I was disappointed when they didn’t on Sweden Rock, but then again, why wouldn’t they sing on Swedish on Sweden? So yeah, all Carolus songs on Swedish, AND they played “The Carolean Prayer”, my favorite off the album. My night was made.


To be honest, I don’t take that much pictures anymore, at least not at Nöjes or at Sabaton. I only did about eight shots at Sabaton, and managed to get this. Quite a lucky shot, huh? No, this isn’t cut or anything, this is the actual picture. Huhu.


And then after Sabaton, christmas happened. It was quite nice, it was really the same. And I can’t stop laughing at all the butthurt people over Donald Duck. I mean get over yourselves. There was a woman here in Sweden who apparently lost ALL her Christmas feelings because Disney removed a stereotypical (even a bit racist) doll. I mean HAHA COME ON. I was bummed that they left out Brave in the Xmas specials though. I never really liked Wreck it Ralph.

But I guess most of you reading are interested in what I got for Xmas, and here it goes…

dundundaah 025

So basically…. Phineas & Ferb’s big scienebox – NO, NO I’M NOT TOO OLD FOR THAT. IT SAYS FROM KIDS OVER 10.  And I’m over 10. And I’m a kid.
A pair of earrings, bathroses, a Planty the Plant, “The Heroine Diaries” by SIXX:A.M. Odium Clothing giftcard, tights, book, curly iron, Agent P actiong figure, curly iron, bathrobe, ridingshirt and DVD “Disney Princesses Enchanted Tales: Aurora & Jasmin” and a computer game called “Bella Sara”.

So yeah. Sweet.

But now I’m getting tired. And I need to try out some stuff for new years. So with “Ruina Imperii” blasting, I’m heading out.

NP: Ruina Imperii – Sabaton
// Sara


I Want it That Way

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Currently listening to Steel Panther’s version of the song, and I’ve been blasting Jay Smiths version like crazy the last days. I remember when I was young, I didn’t know the words to this song, but I did know the words to “One Backstreet Boy is Gay”. Haha. 

Okay, so I had this big smart entry about Lordi and their new costumes prepared, however, I can’t really fin the inspiration to actually finish it, so I’m just gonna say, that, I think they are rad, and scary as fuck, and I’m in love with the new keyboardist Hella. Maybe one day I’ll finish it. But not today.

I’m really just bumping in to get this blog going to not stop myself from keeping it. So. Basically… Yeah. Michelle’s coming here tomorrow, and we’re going to a Sabaton show, the last one on the tour. That’s gonna be pretty exciting, I love “Carolus Rex” so I would really have loved to see more shows of this tour, but oh well! I guess one’s better than none, right?

While I was at it I took the oppurtunity to FINALLY buy the damn Bon Jovi tickets. Seriously, that’s the only band that I have continuely written in my New Years predictions like every year without actually happening. And then he announces to come to Sweden and I’m not even the first to buy tickets. Stupid. But now I have them in my possession, so yes, BON JOVI IS ON!

perry le platypants 017

Afterwards, depending on how tired we are, we’ve planned to try out two-player mode on the Phineas&Ferb TV game I just got, “Across The 2nd Dimension”. I know it’s old, but I just got it, alright? And about just got… Look what arrived in the mail today!


That’s right!! Perry The Platypants! And they are so comfortable I could die. I didn’t expect them to be this heavenly, but they are. I know what I’m gonna be wearing from now on when I want something “simple” instead of my pyjamas!

But okay. It’s like 3 am in the morning and I need to get up early, so I’ll catch you after Sabaton tomorrow.

NP: I Want It That Way – Steel Panther

// Sara

Armed with love and sludgehammers we’re mauling…

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Aha. Hello!

I’m alive. Sort of. “Where’s Perry?” part 2 had it’s premiere a while back, and of course we had a celebration just as we did with part one. I really need to be better to update this kind of stuff, and not wait like, a month. But thing is, we went shopping before and we made it home JUST IN TIME for it to start. Or, we had, eight minutes. Like the ninjas we are, we managed to set up EVERYTHING before it started.

vareperry 044

Thought about the ending? Well. It was good. We had quite a few laughs (while rolling on the floor) at “Monogrammal(Monograndpa on english I guess?) and at “Jag lovar dig att varje gång jag kommer att tänka på den här dagen kommer jag åka hem till dig och smälla till dig” (I will assure you, that every time I think of this day I’ll drive over to your place and slap you, something like that) But yes. It rocked, and I especially loved how sassy, or even cocky, Ferb was at the end  – “JO MEN NU ÄRE SÅHÄR!” Yes, I died a little.

After watching the new episodes that aired that night, we decided, probably a bit unexpected, to go for “Peter Pan”. But you know. Middle of the night, a big bottle of cola, a long day and Captain Hook. Just sayin’, my abs never been more trained.

askungenmedljus 001askungenmedljus 006

Well. What more… oh yes! After a few if and but, I finally got my ESC tickets! I can finally breathe. They are so beautiful.



So yeah. I think I’ll wrap it there for the day.

// Sara