I honestly have no idea what to write about. But the thing is, when you got nothing to write about, you just oughta keep writing. So this entry is gonna be real messy, but alright, here are some of my recent “thoughts”.

First of all, what do you call it when a hamster and a fish is dating? Or when a ferret and a fish is dating? You see – there’s this show I’ve followed for a while on DisneyChannel, called Fish Hooks (Yes, I actually watch something else than Phineas&Ferb! Shocking, huh?). It’s the most retarded, most insane and the strangest show I’ve ever seen. I sort of thought I had seen it all when I got to Phineas and Ferb and whatever they do, but you know.

These fishes are actually either flushing themselves in the toilet, or possibly dancing in the toilet. What the hell? ButI guess this is what kept my interest for the show. The complete madness. And Milo. He’s so cute, may, MAY even beat Meap. MAY. But I do love the show, seriously. All the hysteric shit, all the things that doesn’t even make sense… it’s just love love love love!

Fish Hooks isn’t the only thing I watch on DisneyChannel. Other shows I highly enjoy is Kick Buttowski, the suburban daredevil. At first I found him a bit annoying, but you know, he has grown on me. Then we got Fairly Odd Parents, however, this one may stick onto me because it’s the first show I ever watched on Disney Channel. But Timmy is well charming.

But I do actually, against all odds, enjoy some of the non-cartoon. First of all, it’s Pair Of Kings. I mean seriously. Mitchel Musso is God, King Brady is GOD. I know he’s not on anymore, I haven’t quite adjusted to King Boz just yet… Maybe he’ll grow onto me, but I’ll always be on Team Brady. AND YES, I ship Bra-Kayla. Big time.

Apart from Pair of Kings, I also fancy Good Luck Charlie, A.N.T, Jessie and Shake it Up! a lot. I’m not even sure why, but I just do. And Hannah Montana. Possibly just because of Musso and Osment, but I just do.

Tomorrow a new DisneyChannel original movie is about to be released in Sweden, “Let it Shine”. I wasn’t quite impressed by it, but the endless commercials has at last, convinced me to actually watch it. And when I do so, I’m also gonna keep up watching Gravity Falls.

When I saw the commercials for Gravity Falls, I immediately disliked it. I don’t even know what, but Mabel got on my nerves. But after watching Good Luck Charlie’s Special Delivery episode, and was too lazy to get up, I end up watching it anyway. And like I do with everything, I of course enjoyed it. I can’t say I love it yet, but at least it got to the point where I’m going to follow it for a while to see if it could be something.

Just like I challenged Phineas and Ferb this summer. “Bring it on, Gravity Falls!”.

Well,like I said messy. But at least I got this out, and I managed to inspire myself what to write about tomorrow. Next week “Where’s Perry? Part 2” is released. Gonna write a lot smartass Phineas&Ferb stuff, that won’t be as messy as this. I promise.


// Sara

2 Responses to “Sanctuary”

  1. FlameCurry Says:

    And all I can say is…

    EN TVÅ TRE FYR DET BLIR FART NÄR DAGEN GRYR!!!! (When WIP: Part 2 is released.)

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