Once Upon a Dream

So, I promised I’d blog about everything and nothing, but I haven’t I’m sorry. So I’ll sum up some of my time here.

So yes, Skogsröjet was cool, except from the traindelayal. And because of that, I missed out on H.E.A.T. Oh well, what can one do? Apart from that it was great. Great meeting all the friends and all. I miss them already!

And next on my agenda is when I had my girls here and my birthdayparty. The theme for my b-day party was Enchanted Rose, as “The rose would bloom until his 21 birthday” (Beauty and the Beast). And hence the BatB theme, I had alot of princesses, or mainly, Aurora, Cinderella and Belle, with cameo from Jasmin and Rapunzel (Aurora, Cindy and Punzie all have ‘Dream’-theme in common as in ‘Once upon a Dream’, ‘A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes’, ‘I’ve got a Dream’), and it was also dressed in some sort of Topsy Turvy / childrens party style.


We had the three princesses mentioned above featured on the big wall together with some metal posters and white tablecloth with Princessthemed plates…

Of course, I didn’t forget about Phineas&Ferb….


And when you got there, you were welcomed by…

These are just some of the decorations, I’m a bit too lazy to put up all the pics of it.

Here follows some pics of the party itself

So yeah… I guess this somewhat summerizes it all! Now I’m gonna keep planning a bit with Michelle before heading to bed!

// Sara



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