Summer Belongs To You

You wanna know something. Watching and listening to Phineas & Ferb makes me wonder what the fuck I’m doing with my life. It feels like I’m wasting all these time on nothing. It’s a good thing that the show makes me think – because it makes me re-consider choices of life and what I do. Good thing.

And while we’re on Phineas&Ferb. I always record 05.45 airing of it, but it’s usually the “Isabella and the Sap” thingyepisode, so it never feels worth it. But yet I put it on this morning as well. And I’m glad I did, beacuse this morning they happened to air “I Scream, You Scream”. So NOW,  I posses the full episode.

This week is going to be busy. I had a meeting with the stable today, and on Wednesday I’m off to Gothenburg to see Alice Cooper, and on Thursday I’m heading to Skogsröjet festival. The disturbing part is that I have mixed feelings about it. I want to look forward to it, but I somehow can’t. It’s probably beacuse of the stress for school that happens to have it’s deadline on August 10th, and the fact I have to be away on my birthday. I’ve never been away on my birthday, and I don’t really like the idea either. The only time I’ve been “close” to it was when I was on a ridingcamp back in 2005 on Pickles, and I was only away like four hours. Sure it’ll be cool to see Cooper and all but still…. I prefer to be home. And it’s also the first riding for the semester, apart from this years ridingcamp.

Regarding school… I’m trying so hard to finish this small and simple tasks, but somehow I just can’t. It’s not even difficult. Discuss whether Harry Potter is a classic or not and if it’s right to be so critical towards Disney. 200 and 600 words each. PIECE OF CAKE. This blogentry alone is over 300 words.

But now, Phineas&Ferb began. Abrupt ending.

NP: Backyard Beach – Phineas&Ferb


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