Currently listening to the soundtrack of Beauty and the Beast while finishing a delayed take home exam. Better late then never, huh? At least that’s how I see it.

I haven’t quite melted yet that Sweden won Euro fucking vision this year, it’s just… yeah. I’m euphoric about it. I’ve gotten slightly apathetic and people have tried to congratulate me (or well, that we won you know since they know I love this contest more than pretty much anything) and tried to talk to me about it. Usually I’m very talkative when it comes to ESC and can sometimes get too far and too much into it so people don’t keep up, but now… I can’t say a word. They try to ask me what countries I liked this year, and I can’t remember. It’s like the sign “SWEDEN – WINNER OF EUROVISION SONG CONTEST 2012” gave a total blackout. I don’t remember anything. Nothing. Sorry dearest, in a month or so I guess we’ll be able to discuss Eurovision normally again. And we shall do it deeper than ever.

One thing that this victory set off with me was inspiration. For instance, I opened up the savingsaccount for ESC as I always talked about. The recent years that we’ve been attending it has sort of been weeks before it we’ve been like “OMG we need money!” but now I’ve decided to start save for it in time. And always keep a fund for it.

Sad part is, there is no time to be too eurphoric. Next week Sweden Rock hits off, and I’m not sure if I have actually written anything about it here, but me and my fellow mate Michelle will be covering it for Hå and today we happened to get our first, and probably only, interview booked and ready. We were pretty… euphoric about that too, haha. So now comes those preparations. Making up an interview, practice it, and with the scheme of signing sessions that will occur, we’ve started to get a pretty busy and heavy schedule. Especially on Thursday. But fuck, we will manage it.

If I in 2011 managed to get back to Köln from Düsseldorf, pick up my ticket and get back in time for ESC, We can fix this. Can’t we? Of course. Now I however need to get back to my take-home exam. I need to have it done before Sweden Rock to take  out my stress a little. Regarding Stala&SO., I might finish it before Sweden Rock. Probably will.

Sorry for all the Eurphoria puns and ESC talk.

NP: Beauty and the Beast – Celine Dion & Pebo Bryson
// Sara

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