Stala&SO. – Stockholm part one

I have to get better updating this thing. What the hell is wrong with me. Either way, it’s been around three weeks since this happened, so it’s not really new but alright, here it goes.

As you know, I occasionally travel to Finland to see Stala&SO. But this time, they came here. To us. To Sweden. It was pretty mindfucking, and somewhat exciting. First time in Sweden. How awesome isn’t that. We destined to go to all three shows, Stockholm, Trollhättan and Växjö and our tour starts in Stockholm.

My company for this trip was, you may say as usual, Argo from Estonia. One of the best concertbuddies, if you ask me. We had decided to meet at the busterminal in Stockholm, and while I was waiting for him, outside the restroom, I noticed a few things that upsets me. First of all, I was inside the restroom to change clothes, to get to the concert as fast as possible, and during that I heard the guard talk to a few people. The first one was an italian traveller who needed to use the bathroom before the bus took off, but only had a fiver. You see, you need to possess a golden ten crown to be able to get in. Even though she was clearly not from Sweden (I also know this because she was on the bus from my town to Stockholm) and actually at least had a fiver, the guard didn’t let her in. If I hadn’t been in a clothingchange, I’d have paid for her.

The next incident was another italian dude from the same gang, who at first didn’t have any money at all, rejected again. Then he left, and got some money and came back. The guard had been cleaning or something I guess, cause he hadn’t seen the fella put in any money, SEEN him, even though I heard it. And what does he do? Sure, I didn’t _see_ this, but this was happening right outside my stall, and as it appears, he was getting physical with this guy. The italian guy told the guard that he had paid (which he had) but the guard wouldn’t believe him and got physical (judging from all the “Get off me” and “Let go of me” that was coming from the italian). Eventually the guard let him go, else I’d have been so fucking mad I’d have raged at him.

I wonder why I didn’t actually do that while I was there. I just think it’s fucking ridiculous. If you’re gonna work with people you need to have some fucking compassion, and they clearly 1) wanted to pay but couldn’t. and 2) was in a hurry and 3) wasn’t from Sweden, so they have no need in carrying Swedish coins. I decided to stay put outside while waiting when I was done in case any other would run into problems with him again, so I could pay for them. Argo arrived a little bit later and we started walking to our hotel.

You see, the beauty with Micro is that it’s so close to everything. You literally need to do no more than walk up the shoppingstreet and then turn right and walk up that road and BAM you’re there. We checked in and everything went smooth. We sat down for a short moment to rest and unpack and get stuff ready for tomorrow before we decided to finally get going. To find the place.

I decided to try to use a navigator in my new phone… but the thing is, that I had written down the wrong streetnumber. So technically the phone did no wrong, but damn if I was pissed. We ended up at Nalen, which is pretty much on the other side of where we were supposed to be! I called my mother, as I always do when I get stuck, and the first thing she said was basically “Bitch please, you got the number wrong”. And with her little help we did find our way to the “arena” which was Harry B James. Yes. I know what a shame it is to not find my way to Harry B James. But that’s what it’s like when you brain is stuffed with a lot of stuff on the same time.

We went inside and to our happiness, no entrance fee! We asked at the bar regarding it, but they said that since we got there so early (as it was still ‘restaurant time‘) it was no need to do so! So we sat down with a drink.

It felt so weird to see Stala&SO.’s backdrop on a stage in Sweden. And to see it on Harry B James. We were basically just sitting and staring and discussing it when le wild band appeared….


// Sara

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