The Steel Panther Journey part three

We got up early in the morning for us to hit the flight to Copenhagen and for Sofia to leave us and go home. I love coming to new places. I’ve been in Copenhagen/Denmark before, but it was fucking awesome to finally do a concert there! We got there rather early, somewhat around 10 in the morning. First thing we did was to sit down for breakfast, getting ready for the show and then hitting Amager Bro. It was lovely.

Ok really, it wasn’t much different than a usual town I guess, but I just love discovering new places and even though it’s almost the same as Sweden it felt somewhat different. We did immidiatly look for the concertarena, and after a long walk with a bad GPS we finally saw the big american tour bus which belonged to Steel Panther outside Amager Bio. We weren’t sure however if this was the front, so we took a walk around the block to realize that hell yes, this was the front! We sat down on the benches outside to chill for  abit, talking to some autographhunters… staring the shit out of the supportband… sining The Ticking Noise… before we eventually decided to go get some food at the closest McDonalds.

Afterwards we just got back to the arena and to the very bench we had already been at, but this time we had some company, around the corner of the house. They were playing Steel Panther on this huge radio and we figured we’d battle. With Michelle’s tiny iPhone. Sure, why not you know.

We made up a little “language” if you’d like, so if we’d see anyone from the band we’d say their first letter in their stagename and then name the clock in which direction they were coming. Like “S nine o’clock” or “Z ten o’clock” you know (S = Satchel, Z =Zadinia). So we were sitting there, starting to battle… when I see someone I recognize. I had seen a couple of long haired blondes earlier today, but you know. I remember faces insanely well so there was no doubt who this was. I mumbled silently to Michelle that he was coming, but she didn’t hear me. She had just pu on “Fat Girl” and managed to pause it RIGHT before he starts singing to hear what I say.

She pauses the song. And then you hear a “I saw her drinking beer, eating peanuts by the bar“. THE LOOK ON MICHELLES FACE, and mine too for that matter, must have been fucking priceless. Michael fucking Starr smiled at us and shouted “Thats a great song!”. Starstruck as we were, we couldn’t say any more than just give him thumbs up. What the hell do you even say? After he passed us, Satch and Zadinia came too. The thing is, Stix resembles Harri from Honey Hellraiser, like, ALOT. So yes. I did stare the shit outta Stix, just to make sure it wasn’t actually Harri. This made Stix so suspicious he had to cover himself up, haha. Poor guy. Satchel just looked at us with this “Hahaha, you don’t know who I am” kind of look. Bitch please, who’d you think you’re kidding?

The saddest must have been when le wild Lexxi appeared. All the guys had left. And he was left alone. He wandered around where we were sitting, staring unsure at us and his surrondings and trying to call someone. They fucking left him. Poor guy. However, we weren’t sure how he’d react if we told him where they went, so we pretty much let it be. And as far as I’m concerened, he found them later on.



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