99 Times

One of Kate Voegles hits, and I think the song is also featured in “One Tree Hill”, which is one of my favourite shows. If not, Kate plays the musician Mia Catalano in the show. Love it to pieces.

I must say, eBay users must be like, some of the kindest persons alive. I recently bought a few  items (which are shipped now, woho!) and today I got an email from PayPal. First I was like SHITSHITSHIT, the payment didn’t go through! But when I read it, I learned that I had gotten some money back from one of the sellers, because the shipping ended up cheaper than it was listed! That is like so kind.

Why is this? Well, basically beacuse this never happens when you use Tradera (Swedish eBay). And I think I can admit myself that I never pay back restshipping, but then again we have a little more “difficult” way of paying on Tradera, on PayPal you just send the money to an emailadress kinda, but when you use Tradera, most of the times, and all of the times when it comes to me, uses simple banktransfer.

Talking about Tradera, I really need to get some more items up there. And whatever won’t sell there, I’ll probably put up on eBay instead. Would be pretty cool to try that out. AND ALSO. When I got the email about my eBay items, I also got an email about my Panthertickets being shipped! I can’t wait.

Alright. Thats about it. Plans for tomorrow shall contain stable, making quick cash and tidying maybe. Yes, sounds gooo to me.

NP: Will You Love Me? – Nelson

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