London part one

Alrighty. All schoolwork is done and so, so now I can finally take my time to type this shit down.

It will probably, just as Lichtenfels, get divided in different parts to make it a bit easier to read. So. Yes, London it is! Me and Sofia had heard about this epic tour with Mötley Crüe, Def Leppard and Steel Panther together, and no matter how long we had to travel, we figured we had to see it. So yes, we booked and then the waiting began… and now it was here!

You know, I have to admit something. Whenever I’m going anywhere, I always get cold feet. I lay in bed and almost crying and repeatedly saying “I dont want to, I dont want to, I dont want to” but somehow I get up anyone and get on, probably because I know I’ll just regret it if I don’t. So yes, I got up got on the bus… and on the way Sofia hopped on the bus too, was so nice to meet her again! We hadn’t met for… I don’t even know… Since Oxhälja or something probably! How is that even possible. Apparently it is.

Anyhow, we got to Arlanda and got to check in, and seriously, I was scared, excited and all whoooaaa when we checked in, because we had to scan our passes and everything you know? It was like, whoa, finallly we use it somehow! And then after having breakfast/lunch, when we got to the gate we had to do something similar again! Spooky!

Yeah well… we had arrived to Arlanda later than usual, so the waiting wasn’t so long so after a while we got on the plane and departed… I slept most of the journey… and after a while… we were there! In London!! Ohhh yeahhh. So… what do to now? So now the insanity began kind of. We located the subway and got some help by a coworker there and in one way or another, actually managed to get to Alpterton station! And when we did so, we also passed Hammersmith, hoho!

So. From Alperton we took the bus, and at first I was unsure if we really should get off the bus at Wembley Stadium, but as we got there… we realized it was the best decision ever, since the station was RIGHT infront of the hotelentrance! So we got in, checked in, 6th floor (at least not in between!) got and unpacked and relaxed.

We decided to open up the wine we had gotten on the airport, and fittingly enough as we did so Malin came over (she was staying on the floor underneath) to check in. We had a nice chat with her before she had to head back to her room and Sofia and I stayed up a bit longer just talking…

Eventually we did get to bed and get some sleep…


// Sara

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