All My Friends Are Dead

I just dug up with Turbonegro song recently, must say I love it.

I still have various injuries since the concert, and it’s been approx three days since it, I mean, this is just too much. And on top of that, I’ve gotten sick. Nothing is really going my way right now is it?

Or actually, it is. I spent half of my day today with the very best Maria, we both exchanged to euro (she is going to Belgium tomorrow, and me to Finland on Saturday) we also went looking for birthdaypresents and christmasgifts for the people we are celebrating New Years Eve. I know exactly what to get Thomas for his birthday now, and I also got my hand on Martines birthday gift. I already had their christmaspresents done, so now it’s just Paula and Maria left of those two.

After a nice dinner and right before I was heading for work we joined the dark side for a short moment and plundered a wall for it’s Hardcore Superstar posters. However, I wonder if anyone cares considering the event has already taken place and also, people had started to put other posters upon it. I also managed to get the last piece for my Lichtenfels outfit, a piece I never though I’d find! But I so did. NOW, I can easily say, Lichtenfels will be epic. A few more things are to be done before the outfit is complete, but I’ll take those down next week.

Talking about outfits, I still have no clue what to do with the Sister shirt. As it looks right now, I’ll give it a normal cut. Cause really, either way, I’d have given it a pretty normal cut even I intended to totally slaughter it. Finland will be good really, hanging out with good friends in my favourite town ever. Even though Harri tweets me the weirdest things ever, haha.

NP: Na Inat – Poli Genova
// Sara

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