Motherfuckers Like You

Sister tune, and it’s like I said earlier about the whole album, it’s perfect in a little box!

You know, I’m on skype with Martine right now, talking about Lichtenfels. Funnily, this song reminds me of one of the persons who will be present… Haha, nevertheless, Lichtenfels will be epic, which is in less than two weeks!

This kinda stresses and boosts me, I spent my hours at work today, while working obviously, setting up an exact schedule on exactly how to spend my time until the day we leave for Lichtenfels, and hopefully it will work out just as planned! And if it does, it mean I’ll be able to manage everything, EVERYTHING. Life is goo, and as we speak, Martine and ‘i have continued planning a bit on what me and Thomas planned for 2012, so yes. It is good now.

I actually wanted to say something. Ever since upper secondary school, I’ve wanted to study music and event management, I even found one USS with that program, but my parents wouldn’t let me go. However, I know found a univeristy course of the same matter, so after I’m done att KAU, it’s possible I’ll apply for it. But that means I have to move. Far away. And I don’t really know about that… but I guess we will see!

Now I shall head back to The Big Bang Theory. SEE YAH.

NP: This Is What Rock n Roll Looks Like – Porcelain Black
// Sara

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