Gigs gigs gigs…

Haven’t updated in forever. Had no reason. Now I’m back.

Alot have happened, like competitons in the stables and such but yeah. Won’t write too much about it. Just gonna give a heads up about me leaving again, haha! Tomorrow midnight I’ll b leaving for Finland again, Stala&SO. releaeparty, The Honey’s supporting. Just like in February, but this time, Eesti and Anthalerero, AND Anushka and a couple of more german fans are joining in! Talking about a goddamn party! Right after that, I’ll be back in Stockholm and see the good old VC-PS with Joiz, will be interesting. I’ve followed the band a long time since they started, but never seen them ’til now.

The Ark is following up, with Joiz & Maria, Sara will be there too. And then ending the weekend with Jedward, I mean this is what we call a ballbuster but fuck how much fun it will be! I guess I’ll be updating my twitter more than my blog, so if you want updates check there…. , and yes… that was that.

Got an awful load of new Crashdiet merch. Sweet stuff.

// Sara

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