FOR THE LOVE OF.. Concerts.

Concerts might be the absolute best place on earth. With people with the same passion with…

You know. I’m not gonna speak here. There is a twitter account called ConcertWeirdos and what they say… It’s so true. I’ll quote:

“Those friends on fb who are actually in the bands you are quoting the lyrics to…..awkward. #concertweirdos #sugg

“”Can we stop by ___ before the show?”…”ARE YOU CRAZY THERE’S NO TIME!”…”But it’s like 6am?”… #concertweirdos

“Pointing & slapping your friend’s arm profusely because you see a celebrity that you love. #concertweirdos

“When a small band you love is growing so fast and you can’t help but to feel mixed emotions. Proud/Worried #concertweirdos

“”Looking all HERP DERP while taking a picture next to the person of your dreams. -___- #concertweirdos

“That timer thing at the bottom of the webpage while you’re buying tickets. That stresses me out! #concertweirdos

“You idiot, he’s MY favorite. End of story. #concertweirdos

“Feeling more comfortable w/ concert friends you just met than w/ some people you’ve known your whole life. #concertweirdos

“”There’s bands that you love, then there’s bands that you know you’ll stay true to no matter what for now and forever. #concertweirdos

“Knowing which side of the stage your favorite band member stands. #concertweirdos

“Going to a concert and having the band come up to you and know you by name. #concertweirdos #sugg

“Walking into a venue & recalling everyone you’ve met there in the past<3 #concertweirdos #sugg


These are just some, but also each and everyone of them fits in on me. Don’t you feel it too?

// Sara

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