Going through an old “Absolut Kidz” CD and the old girlgroup E.M.M.A’s hitsingle SMS is currently playing… It’s interesting you know, these songs used to be my fave songs, I still know the lyrics to them all but some of them lost its glory with the years really… like this one.

The day has been so unproductive but yet productive. I packed a bit more, and we had some radical changes of plans too… Turns out “Hop” airs at last at 14.50, and thats A BIT early for us to go to the cinemas since we wanna go shopping.. So we will take that one done on Sunday since we have to leave the hotel pretty early. But still, it will be a killer fucking weekend. And now we got something to do on Sunday too!

I cleaned the livingroom today. I just got some kind of instinct. No, it’s still messy. But I cleared some stuff up, and I also managed to get two trashbags. That’s pretty good, isn’t it? I also gathered ALL my “finnish” stuff in one pile… For some odd reason I feel a need to keep them in a pile next to my computer instead of sorting in the CD’s where they should be. But then again, I have CD’s all over the fucking place. AND I found my wallet.

Random enough yet? Okay, I’ve taken enough of your time with my bullshit.

NP: Roses are Red – Aqua
// Sara

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